Raffle Bear


A Note from: Cindy L. Malchoff, TBAI Chairman

This is a show with a heart. Share a smile, make a friend. Working together as one, we raise funds for the Ross Park Zoos' Endangered Species Program, the fifth oldest zoo in the United States. “Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold!” Ok, so that takes me back to my girl scout days. But it is something we all thrive on at TBAI! We are a show to be proud of! Millie Gage, founder of this old fashioned style show did it right!!! TBAI will always be Millie’s legacy, a gift to the artists and collectors of the bear world. It is in following her path and continuing her legacy that I am proud to be able to continue the work begun by Millie Gage. Though we all miss Millie, her hard work and dreams will continue to flourish.  I know in my heart, Millie IS proud!

"Extinction lies in the hands of man...
Preservation lives in the heart of Humanity." - Millie Gage

Why change words or ways …. It can’t be said any better!! I am repeatedly told “You have big shoes to fill.” While this is true, because of Millie’s great foresight they are a very comfortable fit! I have seen changes in the past couple of years. They are changes for the good! I have seen more of the artists and collectors become involved in the workings of this show. And working together is what it’s all about. This spectacular show is a commitment of artists and collectors working to bring you the best in the industry in a heartwarming fashion! Together, more than ever, we offer you an opportunity to join us for a wonderful weekend! Where else can you see so many gathered together working to preserve our Endangered Species, and having so much fun while doing it! And the best of all….we can see what our efforts have done first hand!

Speaking of fun, this year will be over the top!! An optional trip to Cooperstown, NY has been organized for Thursday....so come do some sightseeing. Cooperstown is best known for the Baseball Hall of Fame, but it has alot more to offer. There is also a Farmer's Museum and the Fenimore Art Museum, a boat ride on Otsego lake or shops and restaurants to explore. The town has a trolley that for $2. will transport you around town with its many stops for the day. Check out the Cooperstown website to gather more details. We begin Thursday evening 14th by dressing up! Cocktail dresses, evening gowns, suits & tuxes (just good clothes if you don't have any of these), the way Millie would have it. Not just cheese and crackers this year... The Susan Quinlan Doll & Teddy Bear Museum in Santa Barbara, CA is sponsoring the Thursday Gala with a buffet dinner.Did I forget to mention....Thursday Gala is a Masked Ball...so bring your favorite masks. Come Friday enjoy a tour of six antique carousels in the Binghamton area, and take a ride (weather permitting) or join Darlene Allen and Sharon Barron as they share their ideas and help you get started on ways to document the origins of and add value to your collection for future generations. In the afternoon join in a few rounds of Bear Bingo, and check out the room with Teddy Bear accessories that are available to purchase. Join us for the always incredible Gallery opening, Dinner, and auction Friday evening..Saturday morning starts with a hot buffet breakfast and Teddy Bear and Friends magazine will present the 2014 TOBY People's Choice awards..and of course you won't want to miss the regular show hours that are open to the public on Saturday. We then finish off our wonderful weekend with a trip to the zoo and the much anticipated catered picnic!  Don't be left out! 

We can be very proud of our accomplishments in assisting the Ross Park Zoo with their Endangered Species Programs. 2013 funds prepared for the housing of the red pandas,2012 helped prepare the zoo for the return of two Amur Leopards, and what a treat was to be the first to see them in their new home. Funds raised in 2010 & 2011 assisted in providing funds for preparing for the Red Panda, a wonderful addition to the zoo. Collective funds generated in 2006, 2007 and 2008 were combined with grants and local contributions to rebuild the entire lower portion of the zoo grounds. This project is called “Wonders Of Nature Exhibit.” This new exhibit, opened for May 2009, and features snow leopards and cougars in large outdoor exhibits and various smaller animals in inside exhibits.  Among these are golden lion tamarins, meerkats, Gila monsters, hellbenders and various species of birds, snakes and endangered frogs from around the world.  We again enjoy seeing how our contributions make a difference

BE PROUD TO SAY "WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!" We do it time and time again!

Support of our treasured endangered species comes from the heart of each TBAI collector, artist, and supporting magazine. Looking back, TBAI 2005 provided a renovated backup housing unit for the Amur Leopards as well as new heating units for several of the endangered species at the Zoo. Looking farther back, TBAI funds have contributed to the endangered spectacled bears, golden lion tamarins, creation of a penguin habitat, and provided sole financial support for the protection of endangered ruffed lemurs. TBAI provided funds to bring in a breeding pair of highly endangered Amur Leopards to Ross Park Zoo and refurbish a habitat for them, as well as additional enhancements to benefit our treasured creatures. TBAI has also been a major contributor in the construction of a Rain Forest habitat at Ross Park Zoo. In this extraordinary exhibit there is no fence, no screen, no glass...just you and the wonderful creatures that call the habitat home. TBAI's generosity, collectively, has truly left a wonderful mark on endangered species and Ross Park Zoo, the fifth oldest zoo in the United States; continuing to achieve our mission to support endangered species.

TBAI 2014 promises to be filled with excitement and simply wonderful surprises. From our Thursday evening benefit gala, to the incredible international artistry, and scrumptious feasts you can count on a magical experience! Artists from across the US, Canada, Germany and United Kingdom will be joined by collectors from around the globe for a fabulous event. Consider this your personal invitation to join us this year!! !

TBAI has been defined as a show with a heart. Please open your heart and join your peers at TBAI 2014. Share in contagious camaraderie, a show of treasures, and experience the magic of TBAI. Together we can make a difference in our world. Come have a hopping good time with your friends!!!