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Teddy Bear Artist Invitational

Dragons, Witches & Magical Myths Gallery

TBAI 2017 is scheduled for July 27-29, and the challenge to artists is "Dragons, Witches & Magical Myths" Each artist has been asked to create one of a kind piece, 50 percent of which will be donated to endangered species programs. There is no question that the artists' hearts and souls are in each of their fabulous creations. You really need to be here to experience their magic. Please plan to join us for this fun filled event!!!

More photos will be added as they come in. Click on the Photo to see a larger image and a little detail the artist provided on their piece.


Jan Alford

Darlene Allen

Dolores Austin

Sharon Barron

Rob Boger

Ginger Brame

Martha Bumala

Martha Burch

Shane Elliott

Michele Freeman

Penny French

Katherine Hallam

Johni Jacobsen

Jill Johnson

Jaine Lamb

Cindy Malchoff

Donna Manthey

Andrea Marcucci

Jackie Melerski

Donna Nielsen

Dian Pete

Trish Pilon

Larry Ransom

Jillian Reeves

Fred Slayter

Anita Spero

Vicki Stephan

Stevi T

Lulu Tatum

Diana Ussery

Diana Watts

Jane Woodard

Amy Yascavage

*Agnes Intelicato

Our goal is to find homes for all these incredible creations.TBAI attendees have the first opportunity to purchase the Gallery pieces. Though it is our hope that you will join us in person in Syracuse, we understand that it is not always possible! If you are not able to attend TBAI you may still have an opportunity to purchase on of these one of a kind Gallery pieces. Gallery pieces that have not found a home as of noon (eastern time zone) Saturday, July 29th will be available to you on this web site. Follow the link to the Microburst Online show for more information!

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