Jill Johnson


"True Love"

These old gnome lovebirds, Olaf and Hilde have enjoyed hundreds of years of content evenings on their homemade forest swing for two. Both 6 inch bears are made of varying shades of wheat mohair, have wool felted muzzles, polymer clay noses, and glass eyes. They're five-way hard disc and cotter pin jointed with rose leather pulled paws. They're each stuffed with polyfill stuffing and a small pouch of steel shot. Their wispy white hair is made of alpaca roving. Their outfits are made primarily of different hues of linen and their hats are made of embroidered wool felt. Their swing and frame sits firmly on the stand and is fully functional. Including the wooden base, it stands at twelve inches tall. It's made from strong natural wood sticks, model train stones, faux moss, faux flowers, and twine. The mushrooms are handmade from polymer clay.

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