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Teddy Bear Artist Invitational

All raffle proceeds benefit Endangered Species at Ross Park & Rosamond Gifford Zoos

We have a total of three raffle pieces coming to you this year. One will be raffled off both Thursday and Friday evening and the third on Saturday at the show. To purchase tickets you must be in attendance! However you do not need to be present to win! We'd like to Thank all of our artists that are dedicated to help make TBAI special!!

The first raffle bear to make itself visible to the public!

Ima Bettah with new purse...ready to see the world has been made and donated by Donna Manthey!

Here is what Donna has to say about her...

She is approx 16" by herself, 17" with the hat. Thought of calling her Liz as she has violet eyes and thinks she is a star. Her hat is wet felted, embellished and has been waiting for a long time for the right bear. Loved making it...knew would make the right bear to fit it at some point!. Her white beaded purse is vintage and will hold a surprise--not sure what yet. She is made from tipped, wavy mohair..teal/black, off white/tealish. Wonderful to touch, followed by brushing to fluff. Has been in my stash for awhile so heritage is unknown..leather nose, ultrasuede pads.

The second raffle piece is.....

Pin Keep

This fabulous pin keep has been made and donated by Martha Burch! The bear is about 5" and mohair, the kitty is needle felted and about 3 3/4" and the 1" mouse is needle felted. all the stuff is stitched to the wool cushion, no glue involved.

The third and final raffle piece for 2016 has been made and donated by Jane Woodard!


"Sleepy" is approximately 12", made from mohair, and designed to lay down not sit or stand. It includes a handmade patchwork quilt. There are glass eyes with suede eyelids and suede foot pads. Fully jointed.

Will you be the lucky winner of one of these wonderful pieces?

All proceeds benefit endangered species at Ross Park and Rosamond Gifford Zoo.


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